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A life worth living

We offer therapy and education for all levels of emotion dysregulation using DBT-based treatments to help calm, restart, and heal. We are the only Certified DBT program in Western Canada.

New and Upcoming

NEW! Dialectical Behavior Therapy Comprehensive Online

Unlock the power of DBT, embrace change and engage in full comprehensive Dialectical Behavior Therapy from the comfort of your home. Our online comprehensive program offers the same three-pronged approach as our in person, to improve the quality of your life and manage unwanted symptoms: Online Individual Therapy, 24 Week Online Skills Class, and Phone Coaching. See our fee schedule for pricing and fill out a self-referral form today to start!

Article Published in CAP Journal

An article written by Inner Solutions’ Clinical Director Jessica Heil was published in CAP’s quarterly journal! The article can be found on Page 23 of the journal and outlines expertly why adherance to DBT is so important. 
Click this link to head to the College of Alberta Psychologists website for journal access. 

We Moved!

As of October 16th, 2023 we are delighted to serve you at our new office down the street at Suite 215, 222 – 58th Ave SW, Calgary. We are eagerly looking forward to providing you with the same exceptional service in our brand new and spacious location.

Reclaim your life

We see and value the journey of those who experience life with painfully intense emotion. We know it’s not a choice. We guide, support, and walk with you as you learn to reclaim your life.

A new beginning

Even if you’ve tried and failed a thousand times to overcome extreme emotion dysregulation, you can build a life worth living through learning to apply DBT skills in your life. Our mindful, supportive, and structured approach can help.


Compassionate expertise

Our strength as mental health care providers lies in the compassionate leadership and expertise of our diverse and collaborative team. From DBT and CBT to dietetics and mindfulness, explore our video library to learn more about the many services we offer.



We are very excited to announce the launch of The Inner Solutions™ Podcast! This podcast is hosted by our Executive Director and Clinical Director Donna Hughes and Jessica Heil. This podcast will provide information regarding complex psychological conditions, as well as the treatments that are available. This podcast is available on most major streaming platforms such as Apple Podcasts and Spotify.


Build a life worth living

Using a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach specific to emotion dysregulation, our team works together to help you calm, restart, and heal. We see you and value your journey. We’re committed to being your mental health partner as you reclaim your life.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Identify, accept, and change thinking patterns, emotions, and behaviors to build a life worth living through individual and group therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

Change unhelpful thinking, feeling, and behavior patterns with problem-focused, action-oriented therapy.

Psychological Assessment

Uncover the challenges that impact your life and the best path for change to plan for long-term wellness.

DBT Skills Classes

Integrate key regulation, mindfulness, tolerance, and relationship skills in a supportive group community.


Eat well to be well with the compassionate guidance of a registered dietitian and integrated plan.

Trauma Services

Your mental health and the life you dream of and deserve are worth the investment in your care.