Comprehensive Psychiatric Services

Comprehensive Psychiatric Services

Inner Solutions™ Ltd. is widely known for our specialization in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and Trauma treatments for the treatment of complex disorders with long term treatment protocols. We know that it is common for our clients and their families to struggle to access psychiatric services when needed. We are very pleased to be able to offer the addition of in-house psychiatric services to our clients currently receiving treatment.

Many of our clients present with complex symptoms and overlapping disorders leaving doubts and uncertainty about their diagnosis. We often say that ‘Diagnosis Drives Treatment’ and that identifying which symptoms are responsive to psychotherapy vs. which symptoms may be more driven by biology (and thus warrant the use of medication, etc.) is vital to the treatment outcome.

Sometimes, especially at the onset of treatment, medication may serve a purpose to help with symptoms blocking the use of psychotherapy and behavioral strategies. Then, with improvement, the problems fade and the question of using medication is reviewed with the goal of maintaining wellness.  This is when a comprehensive review of treatment approaches is very helpful.


Available to Adults
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The CPSP Package will include the following:

1. Comprehensive consultation between Clinician and Psychiatrist prior to your psychiatric assessment, and review of any previous psychiatric/psychological assessments you have undergone.
2. A two-hour comprehensive psychiatric assessment and report with Psychiatrist and Clinician. Review of prior relevant reports *at the discretion of the Clinician, insurance company & Psychiatrist.
3. After the 2 hour assessment, a comprehensive report will be written by the Psychiatrist for your Family Doctor for ongoing prescription management.
4. Consistent consultations between Psychiatrist and Clinician to ensure continuity of care.
5. Consultations with ancillary treatment providers i.e. primary care providers as needed.


Specialized Services.

Our psychiatrists can assess any of the disorders in the DSM, from mild to severe.  They are also very familiar with the following: 

  • Differentiating symptoms that may determine more than one diagnosis
  • Diagnosing Borderline Personality Disorder in adults and adolescents
  • ‘Undiagnosing’ when a diagnosis no longer fits symptomatology
  • Supporting therapy with recommendations on ‘best practice’ treatments
  • Collaborating with ISL expert clinicians to gain knowledge and history quickly to assist in the psychiatric assessment
  • Collaborating / formulating an initial treatment plan, refining targets, and developing the hierarchy of problems to treat
  • Assessing issues related to gender dysphoria, gender transitioning, and identifying recommended treatments
  • Providing or referring out to specialists for specific psychometric assessments

Benefits to Clients

The CPSP may benefit clientele who have:

  •  Determined a need for a psychiatric assessment and treatment specifically in conjunction with ongoing psychotherapy treatment
  • Specific symptoms and needs that may be beyond the scope of psychotherapy.
  •  A desire to have a medical doctor (psychiatrist) collaborate with their psychotherapist to review and collaborate with their treatment at ISL
  • A desire to receive immediate and direct access to psychiatric services.

How to get started

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  1. Advise your therapist at Inner Solutions™ (if applicable)
  2. Contact Inner Solutions™
  3. Complete a self-referral (online or by phone)