Why Dietetics?

There is growing evidence that healthy nutrition can promote and restore wellness to the body and mind. But how does this translate for individuals whose relationship with food is painfully complex?

What may seem like an effort to control weight is often rooted in issues not related to weight at all. The psychological struggle that puts food centre stage can lead to serious disordered eating issues, triggering physical and mental health challenges.

While there is no “quick fix” for this, the insight and guidance of a trained Registered Dietician can profoundly impact healing. For others who struggle with mental health, a healthy diet can reverse the depletion of key nutrients in order to heal and nourish the body and brain.

Dietitians have the skill to translate the science of nutrition into insight that can genuinely improve a life. Their guidance can lead to real change, whether it’s to help regulate mood, manage chronic disease, manage food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances, design an effective weight management program, or heal a painful relationship with food and body.

Dietician Services

Compassionate nutrition counselling with a Registered Dietician can improve health and daily living and change the direction of a painful mental health journey. But for those who require more comprehensive care, we also offer a team approach that includes psychological services. Working in respectful collaboration, we take a holistic approach that promotes behavioral changes that lead to lasting improvements in self-care, well-being, and healing.

We use current, evidence-based, and research-supported practices when developing individualized programs. This includes personally tailored advice, one-on-one counselling, exercise/activity programs, nutrition and metabolism education, meal planning, chronic disease management, and CBT and DBT strategies to deal with disordered and emotional eating.